Tuesday, September 16, 2008

another Diesel Radio show - DISCO!

I got asked by Diesel U Music to do another live radio show last Saturday. This is a temporary radio station broadcasting live on 106.6 fm in Glasgow and on the Internet here. I felt because of the wave of disco crashing around me from this summer in London that I would try to feature some Doctorates of Disco so I got in Paolo of Tutto Matto and Super Disco Paolo as well as Dan Beaumont of the hit party Disco Bloodbath. They brought a few of their special records and we had a great time chatting. As a matter of fact that was the best part of the show - talking about their perceptions of disco's history and their current perception of music and the scene. Download link and tracklisting below.

DOWNLOAD (megaupload)

01. Forces - Cinnabar
02. Biscuit - Zoo Zoo
03. Cafe Society - Relight My Fire
04. Chaka Khan - Any Love
05. Boiling Point - Lets get Funktified part 1
06. Margie Alexander - Gotta Get a Hold on me
07. Brief Encounters - Rocking
08. New York Express - Hot On The Cue
09. Natures Divine - Natures Divine
10. Sunshine Megamix
11. Lola - Wax The Van (Kenny's Club Version)
12. Mott The Hoople - Bastard (Mountain Of One Edit)
13. Lama - Love on the Rocks
14. Karen Young - Deetour
15. Willie Colon - Set Fire To Me
16. Bunny Brown - Strawberry Letter 23
17. David Rubato- Cuircuit (Aeroplane remix)

In addition we have the following excitement coming up. On Friday I am hosting the basement room of the People On Horses party at 333 club in Shoreditch and we have the exciting bands of An Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump and Maria & the Mirrors. I am quite excited about both of them. I saw Maria & the Mirrors when I was at Offset Festival and loved them and my friend Hanna of the P.I.X. magazine luckily put me on the trail of An Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump. They have played recently with The Horrors and S.C.U.M. The bands have a them - both of them involve girls playing drums standing up. I'm big on themes because I think they show something - but it's for you and me to discuss what they show. I will also be djing as well as Suzanne of No Bra (and if you've never heard her dj, you're missing out).

And then on Saturday the 20th we have a our COME party again with Matthew Stone, Yasmine of Pandora's Jukebox and the lovely enigma Theo. No matter that I kept the location secret before, it still has turned into the hottest party of East London this summer. If you're on the scene, you probably know where it is, otherwise e-mail me.

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