Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Digital Boy - Crossover Compilation 2

Once again, the Dalson Oxfam Shop yields some early 90s dance. It's a bit commercial and I didn't separate the tracks out this time because it's a mix, but still some fun tunes on here. The sound is maybe a bit too recent to be fully coming back yet (1994) and definitely not as chin stroking as the techno from last week, but if this blog is about anything, it's about posting stuff that's close to the cheese line.

You know that if you were on vacation in some dark dodgy beach resort in Sicily with some friends on about 3 pints and this came on, you would be thanking allah. According to this website Digital Boy was a pioneer in the Italian techno scene. I am not familiar with him and can't find much more info about what he's up to know. Leave me a comment if you know. He was very prolific it seems.

I am not only going to post early 90s dance stuff on here, it's just that of the stuff found at the Oxfam, it has been the most interesting so far.

Track listing:

Side 1
1 - Blast Crayzy Man (5:12) Featuring - V.D.C.
2 - Juzt 2 Brothers The Frenzy Dance (3:00)
3 - 2 In A Room El Trago (The Drink) (2:18)
4 - Artemesia Bits And Pieces (2:33)
5 - Masoko Solo Pessa Pessa (3:34)
6 - Anticappella Move Your Body (2:12)
7 - Silvia Coleman All Around The World (3:24)
8 - Reel 2 Real I Like To Move It (2:25) Featuring - Mad Stuntman, The
9 - Digital Boy Dig It All Beat! (3:06)

Side 2

1 - Outhere Brothers, The Don't Stop (3:00)
2 - Ronny Money Again N' Again (2:52)
3 - Aladino Call My Name (1:56)
4 - Alter Ego (6) Dance (If You Can Not) (3:30) Featuring - Daisy Dee
5 - DJ Roman A Pitar (1:53)
6 - Molella Change (1:55)
7 - Datura The 7th Hallucination (4:27)
8 - 2 Unlimited The Real Thing (3:22)
9 - Cutoff (2) Move (2:00) Featuring - Thea Austin

Digital Boy - Crossover Compilation - Side 1

Digital Boy - Crossover Compilation - Side 2


social-deviant said...

Its true, me and digital boy MADE the Italian Dance scene in the 90's.


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Anonymous said...

when we left school in 1990 my best mate travelled round france in a van with a small sound system and a bunch of records he came back with several digital boy records handed over by the boy himself, he had the same glasses as me. they were very bad.

Anonymous said...

"gimme a fat beat" was a big track that I remember from about 1990 - heard it at tonka at the zap in brighton then bought the 12" but sadly the disc got lost along the way and I now only have the cover - nice site btw, got a pretty good haul of vinyl a few months ago for a couple of quid at that shop

... said...

Any chance of a repost of the tracks? The links obviously expired from 2006....

dalston shopper said...

if you want to send me your e-mail address I can send you the files but I'm not going to post them again.

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