Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Dalston Oxfam Shop April 18

So here launches my little idea. Fun to find old Cassettes in the Oxfam shop in Dalston, east London, that probably no one will ever put onto mp3/digital form. I put them into mp3/digital form. You download. One a week. Leave me comments or suggestions. Read the song listing by clicking on the picture above.

(links removed)
Chart Blasters 81 - Side 1 (320 kbps - around 70 mb)

Chart Blasters 81 - Side 2 (320 kbps - around 70 mb)

I also like to shop on ebay. Here are a few links to things I think someone should buy.

Women's 80's Gold Pumps

Vintage Chanel slingbacks

La Petite Salope designer party dress

Men's vintage Mahogany ankle riding boots


thearse said...

if it's all for char-i-deee it's fine by me...

social-deviant said...
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social-deviant said...

Sweet idea. Can I come over and convert two cassets at your place to MP3? BTW I added your blog to my blog links on my site. I hope you don't mind.


dalston shopper said...

most certainly sd - what site?

Anonymous said...

I heave a deep manlove for the DAlston Oxfam. I have buy some wicked things there, like David Soul record and a Minder themetuen.

Can I be your bestfrend?

Anonymous said...


how come you had to remove the Charblaster '81 links?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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