Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"O" - O'rgasm - 1991 EBM

I don't know much about this group "O" but it's one of the many projects of Martin Damm.  His aliases include (and I have to say I've not heard of a single one) -
Play it loud.
Side A

Side B


Shell10 said...

Absolutely love your blog look forward to it all the time :) it's great to just stumble across something as good as these articles. I also have a blog you can have a look at www.risingstars.ie

Keep them coming because I'm a big fan!!!


huphtur said...

Yo Dalston, have you heard this yet? http://dublab.com/labnotes/daedelus-future-roots-mix-cd/
SO good. You MUST hear it.