Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Gum Takes Tooth

I went to a gallery's anniversary party at MKII in Clapton last weekend and ended up moshing to this band - Gum Takes Tooth.  I don't write about many new bands but these guys are AWESOME and tight.  Again, two drummers (like Maria & the Mirrors) and some guy on synths.  One of the drummers is from Agaskadoo Teliverek which has that amazing Gay Hussar track.  All local folks.  Anyway, live gig is way better even than the tracks.  But here are a few.

Bottom line. If you can make 30 somethings mosh in a gallery . . . you got something going on.

Gum Takes Tooth - Strychnine Motive

Gum Takes Tooth - Tannkj√łtt

In terms of great pop writing I haven't come across anything in London recently that I like as much as French Horn Rebellion which is out of the US.  Ok, maybe there's some really big well  known stuff but PR has sent me these tracks and they're not even showing in Hype machine yet.  Soooo good.  Make sure to look for the Twelves remix of Beaches and Friends (classic classic clasic chic style US disco) and also their remix of Tiger City - Ancient Lover - all on HYPEM.com.

I've given you a track here which is more mellow but very clever.

The Quatrain - French Horn Rebellion


Unknown said...

It was a great gig too bad I was stuck in the back making chips. MKII also has a website: www.claptonisgood.com

icastico said...

Can't ignore recommendations like that.

Anonymous said...

Lick my balls.

MUMHRA said...

Yeah they are a pretty awesome band I saw them supporting 'Bo Ningen' at another gallery, this time it was the Whitechapel gallery, was cool.