Wednesday, September 23, 2009

photographs from old Zoom and Glamour mags

When I was in Marseille last weekend I picked up a bunch of old Glamour and Zoom (photography) mags from the 80s and early 90s. In addition to djing and writing about old rare cassette music on this blog, I do a lot of amateur photography. There were so many amazing old images in the mags that I decided to post some of them. I am particulary interested in creating the really saturated color film effect you get in some of the 70s photographs. But I understand that it's partly from film and processing that you can't get amymore, like slow speed Kodachrome.

The image of Grace Jones is from an article about the design of some of her album covers by Jean-Paul Goude. I also love the image from Goa of the white kids worshipping one of their own on drugs.

The following images were all from Glamour mags. I think if I was to be a woman, my ideal style would be the woman on the motorbike. So now. In contrast the outfit Naomi is wearing, I don't see that coming back anytime soon but maybe I'm missing something.


SabinePsynopsis said...

Aren't SHORT SHORTS THE thing for next summer?!?

dalston shopper said...

short shorts are always a good thing. Depends on what form they take of course :)

Stephone Leonard said...

love the photos,
a very edgy vintage appeal

ed hardy said...

Great article that informativeness. I have to follow your blog. Thank you so much for the post.

Anonymous said...

to get that saturated effect in your photos use a slide film like Agfa Precisa and get it developed in C41 chemicals (lime you would do with normal colour film) its a technique call crossprocessing or xpro. Though you may already know that

dalston shopper said...

Thanks for the cross processing tip. I've been cross processing for a while but always found the colors to be too weird, instead of just beautifully saturated. You can see an example here.

But I'll try the Agfa film.