Friday, November 14, 2008

Mangray compilation tapes

Mangrey is one of those kind of guys that, if you see him at a cocktail party, you will just feel you need to find out who he is. But I don't want to give you a visual image of what he is like, striking as that is, because I want you to imagine him. Someone I met at an east london fashion studio, not too young, not too old, but who you can know only through these tapes.

I first met him at a party at the Boudicca fashion label's studio and was told that he did magical mixtapes. And when I first started doing this blog I thought I would be posting lots of nuggets of personal confession, mixtapes done with a lover in mind or a theme, a slice in time perhaps. Unfortunately the Oxfam shops have a policy not to sell privately made mixtapes, so I've been mostly posting commercial releases.

Mangray had made a bunch of themed mixtapes for Zowie and Brian of Boudicca and they lent a few to me. Then I got to know Mangray's lovely personality myself and he offered to lend me copies of the original artwork for the tapes.

Maybe some day you will met Mangray. If you do, ask him what the mixtape theme of the day is. In the meantime, listen and enjoy.

We Are Normal

tracklisting - Side 1:

Orson Welles - intro
The Steve Miller Band - Space Intro/Fly Like and Eagle
The Stills Young Band - Fountainebleau
The Allman Brothers - Please Call Home
Joss Stone - Right to be Wrong
Roger Daltrey - Giving it all away
Neil Young - Old Man
Free - Travellin in Style
Doobie Brothers - Long Train Runnin'
The Stills Young Band - Make Love to You
Barclay James Harvest - Mocking Bird
Crosby and Nash - Samurai

tracklisting - Side 2:
Van der Graaf Generator - A Plague of Lighthousekeepers
The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band - We Are Normal
The Beautiful People - The Sea
Brain Auger and Julie Driscoll - Take Me Down to the River
Peter Gabriel - Here Comes the Hood
Nick Drake - Riverman
Alison Krauss - Down to the River to Pray (edit)

side 1

side 2

Mangray also gave me a Beautiful People cassette, but I prefer not to post complete cassettes that have been posted elsewhere. Still the artwork he did is amazing (above) and the music is really great (I didn't know them) - early 90s sort of loopy/synthy kind of dancey trippy stuff, with Hendrix samples. Check it out here. I also have one more with amazing music on it but I'm waiting for artwork from Mangray.

I encourage you to check out Boudicca if you are not familiar with them. As Showstudio says, Boudicca is the thinking woman's favorite label. Yeah, and their clothes fit. Seriously, they have brilliant ideas and are really nice people, but more than anything, their clothes fit really well and are really well made. I love clothes and I've discovered that the magic to an amazing designer whose reputation lasts is that their stuff fits really well. I've seen their stuff transform more than one woman trying things on in their studio. Amazing. Also, check out their Wode perfume they've just made. It's not that expensive and does this amazing thing that when you spray it on, it's blue, like paint, and then within about 20 seconds it fades completely. So you can spray it on a really expensive piece of clothing and freak the person out that you've just ruined their outfit, only to discover while they're getting mad at you that it's all gone and they're left smelling all spicy and wonderful. Class gift for christmas. I already bought some. Check out one of their catwalk shows I like here.


cindy hotpoint said...

Wow, I can't wait to listen to these.

I'll try not to be jealous that you went to a party at Boudicca. I love everything they churn out, and may have been the first person in NYC to buy a can of Wode. I LOVE IT.

Unknown said...

I am also a Mangray fan. My favourite Mangray mixtapes are probably The Pain of Fleeting Joy, and Nature Boy, which has a lot of Jungle Book on it as well as Elvis singing Teddy Bear and Bowso Doo Doo Dah band - at least I think that's what it says on the track listing, but Mangray's writing is artistic to the point of infuriatingly indecipherable.

Here's another 'taste of Mangray'. When I first went to the cinema with him, he presented me with a silver spoon on a chain so I would never have to eat my ice-cream with one of those wooden mini-shovels again.