Tuesday, November 04, 2008

djing at Timeout gig with Drums of Death

I have been invited by Timeout to join them in this new series of On The Up parties they are doing. This one features a number of up and coming artists which are really good and in particular Drums of Death is getting a lot of great hype. He played last nigh at Durrr and word is that the live gig is amazing and it's hard to capture the show in the tracks of his you can download. Anyway, his tracks are stand out. Check out his latest release Dodf**ksupanescorttune on the Keytars and Violins blog here and his remix of Late of the Pier's Bathroom Gurgle (one of last year's biggest tracks) on Discobelle. He is up for awards as breakthrough producer of the year at Dj Mag and you can tell by the diversity of these two tracks (the first is like an 80s groove remix and the second is bassline) that he is a new one to watch.

I am also a big fan of Ipso Facto and they are sure to draw a great crowd and looking forward to hearing their dj choices. I am playing the late set so you can be sure it will be just like all my freaky sets at Catch and elswhere - lots of tunes meant to first make you go "What the F*"£*K?" and then go "Uh Oh, my knees feel weak".

More details on the party and tickets here.

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Unknown said...

ah, the Time Out thang good after all!?!?!

soon. Cx