Thursday, June 05, 2008

Sound of Mob Culture - Lime Lizard magazine

This tape was loaned to me by good friends Josh & Tamara who do a lot of work with the Whoopee club. Josh told me that he doodled the image on the cassette cover himself.

This is really really indie from the early 90s. Most of these artists never got big. Cornershop had a hit 4 years later, and Gallon Drunk had James Johnston who is in Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds. But where is Voodoo Queens, Jacob's Mouse, Mambo Taxi, Dog Hunch, Breed or Blood Sausage today? Some good tunes on here. Poems on the Underground is quite catchy.

Side A

1. Gallon Drunk - Arlington Rd
2. Moonshake - Two Trains
3. Cornershop - England's Dreaming
4. Voodoo Queens - Supermodel Superficial
5. Jacob's Mouse - Solo
6. Mambo Taxi - Poems On The Underground

Side B

7. Pram - Watertoy
8. Dog Hunch - Jack Death
9. Breed - Woah Woah Woah
10. Seefeel - Time To Find (Saturnalia Mix)
11. Blood Sausage - Billy Joel

Friday the 13th, a new secret party is being launched with Trevor Jackson, Matthew Wowow, Pandora's Jukebox and myself at a hidden venue in Dalston with an amazing sound system. E-mail me if you want to come and want details.


micah said...

hmmm...any way i could convince you to rip the seefeel track? that remix isn't in the discog, so i'm mighty intrigued. ;) thanks!

Anonymous said...

This is a great little tape - I especially love the little Billy Joel song at the end, very sweet it is :-)

Micah: I posted it up on a blog a while back, it's in one long mp3 though, but it might sate your curiosity whilst Dalston Shopper uploads side two... (Oh, I uploaded another Lime Lizard tape as well, all American bands, also rather good.)

Joris said...

great stuff this. remember this tape very very well. must have played in hundreds of times on my walkman in the train to and from high school.

especially loved that breed song at the time (their drummer later turned up in Placebo, if I recall correctly)

Unknown said...

Would love to know about the Fri 13 do - sounds fun.


dalston shopper said...

Tom - e-mail if you want info about the party. My e-mail is

Paul Staxx Spraget said...

I remember this tape.. it came free on the cover of short-lived indie mag Lime Lizard. The mag was shit, not fit to wrap my chips in, but the cover tapes were pretty good. I got detention at school for listening to this tape really loud in Spanish class.

Biggie Samuels said...

I've never really considered the links between UK post-rock (Moonshake, Pram, Seefeel), Riot Grrl (Voodoo Queens, Mambo Taxi) and Peel-approved indie (Jacob's Mouse, Breed). I suppose that with the beast of Britpop lurking in the near future, everybody had to huddle together.

A few other random points:

(i) I think the drummer in Breed was also the original drummer in The Boo Radleys

(ii)That Seefeel track sounds pretty much identical to the "Come Inside" mix. Not sure it's actually that much of a rarity

(iii) I can't get the Cornershop link to work

dalston shopper said...

gee thanks, Biggie Samuels. I am sure you are much more informed about this genre so whatever you say sounds good.

Cornershop links works now.

As for the rarity of the Seefeel track, I'm not sure what you think is a rarity, but it only appears on the web on this blog and Dave Cinzano's.

I Am Not The Beatles said...

Very much like that Gallon Drunk track - they pretty much passed me by at the time. Cheers.

Ian TB

Anonymous said...

Don't knock Jacob's Mouse, they were fantastic then and still sound great - plus they were exceedingly attractive boys (which was probably why they didn't get anywhere)...

Anonymous said...

Heh - sorry Dalston Shopper, only just spotted your comments back in May on my Dave Cinzano blog, haven't looked at the control panel there for a year!

Cheers dude, and keep up the good work!

Unknown said...

Excellent tape remember it well, i think i have a few others lying about, must try and hunt them out. Threw out all my TDK's but couldn't bear to part with all my freebies!

Anonymous said...

J.Mouse , drummer is now in The Volunteers (hardcore) and The Peoples Choice (dub) , Guitarist worked for the BBC for a bit , dunno what the bassist got up to.

Great band tho in their day :)

Unknown said...

I was the editor of Lime Lizard magazine. Have several of these tapes if anyone wants one.

All you have to do is write a follow up post saying: 'Lime Lizard wasn't shit; rather it was the glorious fruit of a handful of dedicated enthusiasts working usually for nothing in an attempt to bring the underground overground. Even if this was accompanied by a torrent of typoos. Damn! Let slip another one.

dalston shopper said...

hey post them Patrick! OR e-mail them to me. I would love to post them and glad you got in touch.

captain wardrobe said...

interesting factoid: Blood sausage were a band led by one Owen Thomas...who now plays guitar for Mr Graham Coxon...