Thursday, May 22, 2008

Euro Disco

Another cassette from a friend - Matthew Wowow (Stone) - and I have a particularly soft spot for this kind of mid 80s Euro Disco right now. I assume part of the reason for this is that I have a fairly strong knowledge of late 70s early 80s disco that came out of the US, but pretty much missed completely this mid 80s european stuff. Not all of these are excellent, but the 'Cause You are Young by C.C. Catch is great as is Japanese Girl by Max Him.

I must admit I did not actually record this cassette because it was not good enough quality - but I liked it enough to track down the songs elsewhere. I will put up all the tracks by this evening.

Side A

1 - Brother Louie - Modern Talking
2 - Cold Dresses - Al Corley
3 - Touch in the Night - Silent Circle
4 - Touch by Touch - Joy
5 - Dial My Number - The Back Bag
6 - Cause You Are Young - C.C. Catch

Side B

1 - Tonight - Ken Laszlo (Extended mix)
2 - Japanese Girl - Max Him
3 - Pretty Young Girl - Bad Boy Blues
4 - Another Boy in Town - Two Girls
5 - Fire and Rain - Dresden China
6 - Where Do I Gebin - Eruption

Here are some of the vids for these tracks:

Japanese Girl - Max Him

'Cuase You Are Young - C.C. Catch


This Saturday night, 31 May, I will be djing at Club Xlib in Kiev/Kyiv with Dima Ustinov and Roman Mazurenko and other friends from Moscow (they are the hottest thing in Moscow fashion press and you can read here). If anyone reads this in Ukraine, come by and say hi.

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