Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Diesel U Music radio show in London

I am participating tonight in a radio show with Matthew Wowow from 6-8 pm British Standard Time on 87.7 fm. It's part of the Diesel U Music temporary radio station. You can listen on the link below. It is our intention to explore the area of very synthy trance/rave music from the early-mid 90s which is almost cathedral in nature . . . and also very naff in some people's minds. Check it out.


Edit: You can download and listen to the show on the link below. Warning! I sound like a super dork. But I sound better in the African music show which I will post soon.



Anonymous said...

will you please post a recording of this tape! i would love to hear!

dalston shopper said...

We will do so once we get the podcast from Diesel. They recorded it.