Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Star Taxi Music 5 - South African Black Taxi Assoc. comp.

I previously posted no. 3 of this series here but I had bought both together and thought I would put this one up as no. 3 got a great response. This one is also from 1988. It's a bit of a novelty value as there are not many great tracks here. It seems the south africans on this comp were trying pretty hard to use their 80's synths and imitate some synth pop from the west. But there is a unique african vibe to each of the songs, though they all do sound quite similar. Best song on side 1 is probably Taboo - Amigo, in my opinion. But of course, it's the interludes that are hilarious here. The no. 3 cassette was featured on bbc radio for that reason.

Side one:

Jelly Bean - The Real Thing
Interlude 1
Patricia Majalisa - Gimba
Interlude 2
The New Taxi - Jehoviah
Interlude 3
Umoja - 707
Interlude 4
William & Yvonne - Mpho Le Mphonyana
Interlude 5
Mercy Pakela & Ali Katt - Thank You Jesus
Interlude 6
Princess Nana - Sekoloto
Interlude 7
Taboo - Amigo
Interlude 8
Ziggy Marley & the Melody Makers - Tomorrow People
Interlude 9
Richard Jon Smith - Meadowlands
Interlude 10
Themba "Thiza" Nhlapo - Saka Dibom-Bom
Interlude 11
The Big Dudes - Time is Moving On

Side 2 (to come)


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you guys are divine!!!

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well done buddy

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William said...

This is knocking me out. So booming.

William said...

Is side 2 still coming up?

dalston shopper said...

Hopefully I can get around to it soon.

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Good staff