Friday, September 07, 2007

Klaus Nomi Live

Klaus Nomi is one of the original freaks of the 80's. There was that fantastic time at the beginning of the 80's when it seemed like everyone was busting out of the old 70's way of doing things into the "modern era" (at least to me for some reason the 80's seem almost like part of our time, as compared to the 70's which seem like a former time). Hip Hop was being born, original electro, house coming in a few years. And the place to be was New York. But Nomi was actually already in his mid 30's when he moved to NY and was almost more in the "art" scene than the music scene it looks like. I note that this kind of operatic theatrical style of singing is like Nina Hagen did and also lots of his outfits have elements which you can see in some of the best designers today. Sadly, he was one of the first to die of AIDS.

Some pretty amazing photos of him here. And here is a writeup from a very interesting lady who contacted me who was actually at the gig featured here - Madeline Bocaro, (or Bocchiaro) who by her own admission was a writer for CMJ in the late 70's/80s. If you go to the Blitz Kids site above you can even find info about another icon of our time who works on the P.I.X mag mentioned below as well as even photos of Kashpoint.

This cassette is not quite a good quality for his songs as his other albums because it's live, so I've included one of his best songs Total Eclipse in a better non-live version. But it's got a special quality to hear one of the freakiest ever in his live element - at Hurrah's club in New York in 1979.

Side 1

1 - Keys of Life
2 - Falling in Love Again
3 - Lightning Strikes
4 - Nomi Song
5 - The Twist

Side 2

1 - Total Eclipse
2 - I Feel Love
3 - Samson and Delilah: Area

Total Eclipse (better quality non-live version)

New York New York - Nina Hagen

Finally, you should come down and check the blog's party. Every thursday but one of the month downstairs at Catch - 22 Kingsland Road, London (we are not on next thursday). Last night Hannah Hanra totally surprised me at how well she totally rocked it out. It was great fun. Check out her great P.I.X mag that covers bands so hot new they don't even know they're a band yet.


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