Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Rave Tape - Mickey Finn 1992

Once again, a rave tape which I cannot identify - a gift found in the bin by my friend Matthew. It says Mickey Finn 1992 on it, but no idea what this really is. Hopefully someone will identify it for me as they did the Dj Randall tape in my previous post. I only recorded one side here because the other side wasn't so great and seemed to be from another dj. I will try to rip some tracks from this as I have time.

Rave mixtape 1992 - Mickey Finn (slower, more reliable link)

Click on the picture above to see my pictures from the first birthday of the All You Can Eat Rave :)


Anonymous said...

Your URL is no more valid. Please visit original URL to download. Make sure to enable cookies in your browser! It's also possible that your country has been blacklisted entirely (because of many illegal uploads).

Please use sendspace: http://sendspace.com/

dalston shopper said...

sendspace almost always sucks. But I have added a slower zshare link.

Anonymous said...

That will work too. thank you sir.

tmunki said...

Have stuck a link on t'website, wish I could update mine as often as yrs!

Turk said...

Mickey Finn used to DJ alot around the south (Bournemouth, Bognor etc) and occasionally Sterns in Worthing (where just about every DJ that appeared on a flyer for 92 is now a 'name' in the 'club' scene from Carl Cox to Eddie Richards (shame no Aubrey who was in many peoples eyes an excellent DJ with a great ear for great tunes) - back to Mickey Finn... does the tape have a MC (repeteadly) saying 'Mickey Finn is here!'? if so i may also have the tape and have a little more info (this tape also appears to have a different DJ on the other side..) but i believe it is the Empire Club but i haven't looked at the tape in over 10 years so i maybe wrong :).. hmm could be the 'Eclipse club'... hang on i have a dictionary, i'll point at a word and say its that ;)


Anonymous said...

Hey. Not much chance of IDing this, no MC, no print on the tape, it's near impossible unless somebody knows this tape off by heart. I can give you his MySpace address. http://www.myspace.com/themickyfinn

He won't remember what this set is though.