Tuesday, February 27, 2007

NME's Mad Mix II - 1983 cassette comp

When I walked into the Dalston Oxfam Shop on Sunday, sitting on the lip of the tape bin was a much sought after cassette compilation given out free with the NME in 1983, and it's in excellent condition. It's almost like someone left it there for me ;) Some really good tracks on here. I had never heard the Frank Chickens track Shellfish Bamboo, and the Pussy X and Associates tracks are also very good. Plus, The New Black Montana track is a good poppy african number - unfortunately no info exists about them on the Internet.

The Frank Chickens appear to be an interesting japanese/anglo band that had that Japanese performance art/social commentary aura. This track must be rare because it's not listed as a pop hit, maybe as hard to find as . . . hen's teeth ;) Pics below - love the album cover.

Side A

1. James Brown - Bring It On
2. Aretha Franklin - Get It Right
3. The Eurythmics - Satellite Of Love
4. Sandii & The Sunsetz with David Sylvian - Living On The front Line
5. Frank Chickens - Shellfish Bamboo
6. Kas Product - Pussy X
7. The Kane Gang - Small Town Creed
8. NYC Peech Boys - Don't Make Me Wait
9. The New Black Montana - Magumede
10. Yellowman - Who Can Make The Dance Ram

Side B

1. U2 - Two Hearts Beat As One
2. You've Got Foetus On Your Breath - Halo Flamin' Lead
3. Xmal Deutschland - Sehnsucht
4. The Associates - Agressive And Ninety Pounds
5. Bonsai Forest - The Great Escape
6. Prefab Sprout - Lions In My Own Garden
7. The Special AKA - Lonely Crowd
8. JoBoxers - Crime Of Passion
9. JBs All Stars - One Minute Every Hour
10. Cabaret Voltaire - Why Kill Time
11. The Style Council - Party Chambers
12. Tom Waits - Frank's Wild Years


Anonymous said...

So F-ing cool. Any chance of posting side B?

Anonymous said...

Gotcher msg. You rule the school.

cindy hotpoint said...

There are no words to express how f'ing awesome this is. Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so very much for this!

Anonymous said...

can you spot which one of those bands has a mr sean mclusky on drums?

dalston shopper said...

Thanks for the reminder, Rory. Sean was in JoBoxers I believe. I just searched Discogs ;)


you can see him on the left here.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for rhis, my brother lent me his copy which I promptly had chewed in my deck - perhaps I will be exonerated now ...

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for this! Love these old NME tapes, including the Ace Case one you posted a little while back. More please, if you come across any!

Tom said...

Yep this is a great tape. Thanks.

Steve - you can download C81 & C86 from my site at www.indie-mp3.co.uk

Anonymous said...

Tom, thanks for the note. In fact, I already downloaded them from you. Really appreciated, especially C81, which I used to have and still sounds great. Any chance of posting Jive Wire or any of the others you mention having?

matt said...

Thanks, this hard to find Prefab track is excellent. (it was their first vinyl release in '82)

Anonymous said...

How do - I'm cataloguing and commenting on all the NME '80s cassettes. You probably won't agree with all the comments, but the info might be of interest. Feel free to link if you want...


Anonymous said...

Have to say you are a marvel to post these blasts from mi past up here.

I am currently listeing to NME tape Smile Jamaica on Cd - a mate copied it for me. It's champion


Anonymous said...

you wouldn't be interested in selling the mad mix 2 tape would u, just my dad used to be in bonsai forest and wanted to get it for him, if not, would you be able to tell me where i'd be able to get it from? cheers!
my email is anna8_7@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

Party Chambers, classic track

Frank Morgan said...


"The New Black Montana track is a good poppy african number - unfortunately no info exists about them on the Internet."

are you sure???



Anonymous said...

Many thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

Ta very much! Oh, the memories!

Anonymous said...

That Associates track is fantastic! The blogosphere levels yet another musical Holy Grail...! IBx

Anonymous said...

Frank Chickens. Love it, I just spent the last two days perusing this fab site. Thanks for taking the time to share all this treasure.

Anonymous said...

"New Black Montana" seem to still be in action (at least they were in 2007)
This link mentions a gig

John said...

A later bit of info about New Black Montana; "Almost forgotten New Black Montana also featured at the occasion but their act was uninspiring to be precise.

Despite being accorded the right platform to resuscitate their waning fortunes by sharing the stage with Macheso, the band was disjointed.

What also killed their act was their failure to provide dancers to spice up their act, which remained subdued from start to finish."

John Daly said...

any chance of an upload? thanks if you do

John said...

It's available through this link.