Thursday, November 09, 2006

Drop Acid - private mixtape

Also found in the Dalston Oxfam Shop tape bin some time back but I didn't record till now because unfortunately one side of the cassette is mono, it only works in one channel. But I went back to it recently and realized I really am feeling this sound right now so I posted the one side that sounds ok.

This is a private mixtape done by someone probably very late 80's maybe early 90's and there's no tracklisting but it's got Can U Feel It and a version of Keep Me Hangin On which you can watch a vid of the Kim Wilde version of at that link on "Kim Wilde TV" :). Listen to the whole thing as it gets much better about 3/4 way through. This obviously done by the same people who did this earlier Acieed cassette I posted. If anyone has any info on who did these, I'd love to know.

Side ? - Drop Acid mix

Also, I'm into ghetto tech right now and have been djing this lately. Here it is as requested by various friends.

High Powered Boys - Hoes Get Down

The lovely Kotekan has sent me one of the tracks standalone from the Acid Mix, and it's one of my favorite ones.

In the Name of Love (club mix) - Swan Lake


RY said...

wow.. really great idea for a blog. so original mate. will do my best to get round to listening to some of them.

ian said...

Great post, nice blog. I still love all that old Todd Terry stuff like Royal House, Black Riot etc. and play it whenever I can get away with at DJ gigs.

The Double K said...

This is great stuff - I love a bit of acid! The tune at 19.00 is Acid Man by Jolly Roger, and the next track, at 23.10, is Ride the Rhythm (Acid not Placid Mix) by This Ain't Chicago - I over posted it at Dilated Choonz a while ago.

mr said...

so far:

Good life (one of the mixes on the US 12") - inner city

work it to the bone - LNR


in the name of love - swan lake (champion)

pump up london - mr lee

Acid Man - Jolly Roger

Ride the Rhythm - This Ain't Chicago


can u party - royal house (champion)


keep me hangin on - kim wilde (?)