Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Party!! Myspace night at Catch/London Wed 30th.

I'm a man who loves ideas AND SKILLS!! So I thought it would be great to do a party in London with only music from new mostly unsigned artists with songs you could download for free on Myspace. So I got some dudes I like with skills to come down and play with me, Casper from Fluokids and the guys from Skulljuice. I figured between us you're going to hear a lot of new tunes that are may be actually quite good. Like these:






Hope to see you there.


Marc said...

How did the party go then?

dalston shopper said...

It's tonight, dude.

kevvy-k said...

Hey, give us a shout next time! Would liked to have come down and checked this out, and live local-ish.

Richard said...

Yo - good to see you are still supporting the skills agenda. Blogging skills, break-dancing skills, computer hacking skills, tape-recording skills. Girls only want to go out with guys with skills!

Oh, and this is where we pimped your skills on Resident Advisor.