Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Digital Space Between - EBM/Industrial

An old friend living in Florida has just gifted me with an all of his dance compilations from the last 15 years. Some great stuff and I will post more soon in between tapes from the Dalston bin.

Not much to say here except that I chose a cd that looked like it had more stuff less likely to be found/available. This compilation is from Hard Records in Denmark. I also don't think that Industrial is very heavily covered in the blogs.

1 Front 242 Modern Angel (KMFDM Remix)
2 THD (2) Hypo (Bitcomm Mix)
3 Contagion Turn Of The Screw
4 Dive In The Glasshouse
5 Skinny Puppy Scrapyard
6 Leæther Strip Adrenalin Rush (Vegger Version)
7 Numb Ratblast
8 Vomito Negro L.A.T. (Living Apart Together)
9 Cubanate Body Burn (Julian Beeston 7" Mix)
10 Clock DVA Hacked (Reprogrammed III)
11 Swamp Terrorists Pale Torment (Convert Single Remix)
12 Die Krupps Paradise Of Sin
13 Insekt Digging In Your Soul (Insekt Remix)
14 Bigod 20 The Bog (Shot Mix)
15 Naked Apes Leave Me Alone / SMF
16 Templebeat Interzone (M. Lega Mix)

In addition, I recommend the new mix set by Jeremy Campbell from the Sonic Sunset show. He's a new discovery for me from NY - excellent leftfield disco guy. He also re-edits a lot of great tunes on his blog.


modyfier said...

hi dalston - somehow there is a materiality to the music that you post, despite their digitalness. perhaps it's knowing more that there is an objectness to the songs that you put up. that there is a tangibility in your finding them in dusty bins and back rooms rather than through endless binary transactions across screens. i love that. thanks. keep it in this world.

dalston shopper said...

You are TOOOO kind.

Anonymous said...

dead links...