Monday, May 15, 2006


So I am travelling in NY and have been too busy to record any cassettes though I have found some treats that I hope to post shortly. In the meantime, I found a fantastic freestyle mix in a little shop on the Lower East Side which I am posting a few tracks from. It looks like this cd has not been released because I can't find any detail on the Internet. A lot of these tracks are new to me and feel free to leave comments suggesting other tracks like this that are good, as I'm loving this.

Also, I think that some of the track names are wrong, because as far as I can tell, only Expose did Point of No Return, not Sweet Sensation. Lots of interesting detail on groups from this era like this here.

1 - C-Bank Medley - C Bank
2 - All & All - Joyce Sims
4 - One Way Love - TKA
8 - Point of No Return - Expose
9 - Please Don't Go - Nayobe

E-mail me if you want any other tracks from this album.

Also, Rock Insider has an amazing playlist of indie rock I don't know with a bunch of catchy tunes and a Klaxons that I have not seen.

And what more do you want in a blog than a collection of fantastic band performances from the early 80's in Germany. Somehow that just seems cooler than anything else. Not Rock On rocks on.


social-deviant said...

I will need to get a copy next time we meet up.

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Jörg said...

Great compilation, I enjoy it a lot. I started my musical education in the late 70s and then finally the 80s, but some time in 83 I graduated to dance music thanks to (amongst others) The Flirts and Divine.
Thanks for your comment on
You are the first to refer to my blog, THANKS!
Do you know how I can get a link to your blog on my blog and vice versa ?
Best wishes from Germany (the cup is ours ;-)

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