Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cafe del Mar tape no. 1

This is the original first tape that was sold in the Cafe del Mar of Ibiza.  I received it from someone I work with who actually bought it in the Cafe in 1991.  It was mixed by Jose Padilla and never commercially released (the cd series came later with different tracks).

Unfortunately the quality if the recording is such that it wavers a bit too much so I was lucky to find this upload of the same tape as one continuous stream on the djhistory website.  According to that forum the tracklisting is as follows.  It's a lot more mellow than I expected.  I never made it to Ibiza until 1999 and I somehow thought it would be more upbeat.  This shows how much of a fool I am because Jose Padilla is known for popularizing chillout music ;)  I could imagine after a hard night of strange substances this would be nice to listen to as the sun rose hot over the beach.  Could do with a bit of that now actually . . . 

I've also included one track to download, Habebe from Ann Dudley & Jaz Coleman.

00:00 Penguin Café - Paul's Dance
01:42 Chris Spheeris - Fields of Tears
04.47 Bob James - Women of Ireland
12:14 Clifford White - Ascension
18:10 Eric Serra - Remembering a Hearbeat
19:21 Dancing Fantasy - Are You Ready?/ Beyond the Horizon
23:48 Mahavishnu Orchestra - When Blue Turns Gold
26:25 Richard Horowitz - Marnia's Tent
29.05 Ann Dudley & Jaz Coleman - Habebe
36:18 John Carpener - Starman (End Titles)
38:12 Jevetta Steele - Baghdad Café (Callin' U)
42:04 Dancing Fantasy - Good Morning America
47:02 Penguin Café - Steady state
49:59 Penguin Cafe - Air a Danser
54:14 Dancing Fantasy - Tim's Talk/ Malibu


I also want to draw attention to the new EP from Beth Ditto of the Gossip. It's produced by Simian Mobile Disco and is very excellent. The track I Wrote the Book has been on constant circulation in my flat cause my friend Price James has been staying with me while he made her video. Check it out. Major voguers.  Also check out his recent vid for Hercules & Love Affair.  That's major kudos too.


jazz cherry said...

thanks for this - I have some Ibiza tapes from slightly later in the 90s that I will one day convert to mp3...

mandustrian said...

i've been looking long for this cassette or it's rip. however, simple frequency analysis shows that djhistory file is actually 128 kps rehashed into fake '282' -- while your single track is fine, genuine 320. well, you can just tell it by ear, after all) -- so maybe you could still make a full good rip of you cassette? that would be so kind & nice of you....

but if its askin' too much, just never mind, & thanx anyway for the pics & the track!

---mandustrian, Moscow

mandustrian said...

thank ya so much for adding the d/l link!!

mandustrian said...

thanx but no thank.... i thought it was your own rip - but its the same file as on djhistory site - fake '282', actually 128 kps.....

dalston shopper said...

yeah sorry mandustrian - as I said above the original tape I have is unfortunately even worse quality.

enterprise said...

The mix on the tape is great, and classic Jose Padilla. However, the source copy is full of really annoying Windows system clicks. I listened to the whole thing on my mp3 player on a longish bus trip yesterday and the clicks were even more amplified by the headphones than when I play this through the external speakers on my PC.
Never mind, lucky to have it at all!