Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Some lost east african gems

Our african party Manifesto has been doing surprisingly well. I really think the music we play is amazing, but I was surprised that every tuesday we would get more and more people to come out. Last night was so packed we had to turn away people, and on a rainy night.  Its every Tuesday at the Burlington Club, 12 New Burlington Street off Regent Street in Mayfair, if you are in London.  We even have a sort of live house band :)  Pics at the bottom of the post.

Anyway, my partner Alberto had managed to get hold of 2 seven inches which I heard him play at some point and asked him to let me borrow and blog. I can't find any info about either of these on the web, but they are east african congo style tracks. The standout track is Bolingo pt. 2 in my opinion.

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Tim said...

Thanks for posting the East African singles. Orch Mbuta Mbuta is a new one on me, though the Musiki du Zaire label released other tunes by Les Kinois; Orch Bana Ngenge and Orch Negro Success in the 1970s.

Special Baruti put out at least one other single on the Sounds so Sweet label, Vivi-Hapo Ulipo b/w Hamida Sulemani. I haven't heard it though the production credit to ‘Mwasungia Scenery’, according to a seller on Ebay, suggests the band are from near the Taita hills on the Tanzanian border.