Thursday, September 13, 2007

Digitalism at Durrr

I am lucky to dj next Monday with one of my favorite groups ever - Digitalism!!! I used to cane their remix of Technologic last year because it's so good- in the middle of the song it has a bit that sounds like the guitars on New Order which is soooooooo good. I will, however, be playing much more random stuff than they play. Will probably play things like this great track from Party Shank called Penis vs. Vagina (slightly hetero focused). I might point out that it's full of this 8 bit sound which is what I played a whole set of last time I dj'd at Durrr.

Party Shank - Penis vs. Vagina

I shamelessly admit that I had not heard of Party Shank until I discovered them in the hilarious Peggy Crouches article in The P.I.X which is really quite good. Get on it kids.

I also just got sent some tracks from Super Volcano today by e-mail and they're pretty good. Check out in particular track Firestorm.

Super Volcano - Firestorm

Also playing at Durrr on Monday are Free Blood. You can read an interview with them (they sound funny in an american brooklyn kind of way) and listen to a Hot Chip remix of their track here. There is some mention on the Internet of them having the rhythm section from !!!. But I'm not sure about that.


Anonymous said...

That's really awesome news, congrats. I'll hopefully be there to hear it all.

Mew said...

links are dead D: