Thursday, February 08, 2007

Make 'Em Mokum Crazy - gabba showtunes

Discovered this in some cds a friend sent and it's too hilarious to not post. There is something about this which I find highly amusing and even enjoyable when played for a brief period of time or in a set of other great tunes. This is probably on the edge of Gabba. But I know you will think I've lost the plot. Listen and complain :)

1 Technohead I Wanna Be A Hippy (3:17)
2 Technohead Headsex (Mobile Mecca Mix) (5:08)
3 Party Animals Hava Naquila (3:46)
4 Party Animals Wapperdewap (1:37)
5 Milk Bar Friday Night Can Kill Ya (4:17)
6 Technohead I Wanna Be A Hippy (Ilsa Gold Mix) (5:22)
7 Party Animals Aquarius (3:13)
8 Back 2 Bass I Wanna Be With You (3:39)
9 Soap (2) Happy Tunes (3:31)
10 Party Animals Have You Ever Been Mellow? (3:05)
11 Technohead Happy Birthday (Timitico's Party Blast) (5:11)
12 Search & Destroy Deep In The Underground (3:34)
13 Wildchild (3) All Together (3:25)
14 Zieke House Loose Fragments (0:18)
15 Back 2 Bass I Wanna Be With You (Spoetnik Mix) (5:43)
16 DJ X-Play Dreams (5:43)


Anonymous said...

This stuff rules. But probably only if yur Dutch. However it's not so much GABBER (correct spelling), it's more Happy Hardcore.

stx said...

I can't believe "Stoned" & "Marijuana" are bleeped.

ripley said...

yay! this stuff is ridiculous! thanks.

Matthew Stone said...

I am a hippy!

Wesley Verhoeve said...

oh mna, i love this old stuff

and I AM dutch, tho living in brooklyn

also, really like the dividers between your posts and the "Archives" and "Recent Posts" headers